Buggy & Wagon Books 

ABBOTT & DOWNING CO. Catalog Reprint Soft cover ... 40 pages $14.00

AMERICAN CARRIAGES SLEIGH@ SULKIES by Don Berkebile. pictures. Soft cover 167 $19.50

ANTIQUE AUTO LEATHER Information on upholstering autos and buggies. Soft cover ......... 127 pages $17.50

ANTIQUE AUTO TOP WORK information on covering tops. Soft cover ... 127 pages $17.50

ANTIQUE AUTO Wood Work Helpful information on body work Soft cover 127 pages $17.50

BRISTOL WAGON & CARRIAGE Illustrated catalog commercial vehicles. Soft cover ......... 160 pages $19.50

CARRIAGE MAKERS OF ROCKINGHAM CO. VIRGINIA 1820 - 1997 by E. Daniel Burkholder Jr. Soft cover

CARRIAGE TERMINOLOGY: A HISTORICAL DICTIONARY by Don H. Berkebile Pictures and definitions of many vehicles and parts. Including unusual ones, plus interesting facts. Hardcover ......... 462 pages $85.00

THE CARRIAGE MONTHLY 1880 A reprint of a magazine. soft cover 68 pages $21.50

THE CARRIAGE MONTHLY 1881 A reprint of a magazine. Softe cover 58 pages $21.50

THE CARRIAGE MONTHLY April 1890 * & March '1891 Reprint of 2 carriage magazines. Soft cover ......... 119 pages $20.00

THE COACHMAKERS ILL. HANDBOOK Reprint of 1875' edition. Covers drafting, blacksmithing, painting, & trimming. Soft cover ......... 368 pages $32.95

COMPETITION CARRIAGE Driving by H.R.H. Duke of Edinburg Hardcover ........ 109 pages $30.00

CONESTOGA WAGON -MASTERPIECE OF THE BLACKSMITH by Arthur L. Reist. Soft cover .. 50 pages $20.00

A DICTIONARY OF HORSE VEHICLES by 'D.i.M. Smith Hardcover ......... 189 pages $30.00

DRAFT BOOK OF CENTENNIAL CARRIAGES Displayed in Philadelphia at the International Exhibition of 1876. Reprint soft cover ........ 113 pages $20.00

DRIVING HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGES FOR PLEASURE -- Francis T. Underhill - Reprint from 1897. Soft cover 158 pages $21.95

G.D. COOK & CO. catalog from 1860 soft cover 226 pages $21.95

A HISTORICAL GUIDE TO WAGON HARDWARE & BLACKSMITH SUPPLIES Edited by Towana Spivey. Pages from the huge 2,000 page George Worrington catalog. Soft cover ... 202 pages $28.50

HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGE CONSTRUCTION by John Thompson Soft cover ........... 81 pages $26.75

HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGES Thompson Soft cover 226 pages $26.75

HORSE DRAWN COMMERCIAL by Don Berkebile. illustrations of 19th stagecoaches, delivery fire engines, etc, Soft cover ......... 148 pages $22.95

HORSE DRAWN SLEIGHS Complied by Susan Green. Scale drawings and information on many styles of sleighs. Also sleigh construction, painting, and trimming. Soft cover 267 pages $36.95

THE HUB MAY 1888 Reprint carriage magazine in original size. Soft cover .....77 pages $23.50

MAKING MODEL HORSE DRAWN VEHICLES by John Thompson soft cover..94 pages $36.00

MOSEMAN'S ILLUSTRATED CATALOG of Horse Furnishing Goods An unabridged republication of the fifth edition. Soft cover... 304 pages $28.50

ON THE BOX SEAT -by Tom Ryder. A manual on driving. Forth edition revised. Soft cover ...$22.95

PLAIN BUGGIES By Stephen Scott. Information about Amish, Brethren and Mennonite horse-drawn transportation. soft cover ......... 96 pages

PRACTICAL Carriage Building complied by M.T. Richardson. Covers the building of the carriage and the wheels. A good book for a serious reader and builder. Soft cover..500 pages $32.95

PRACTICAL CARRIAGE & WAGON PAINTING by M.C. Hillick. First printed in 1898. Covers all aspects of coach painting. Covers all the aspects of coach painting. soft cover ......... 180 pages $27.25

THE RESTORATION OF Carriages by George Isles. Soft cover ....190 pages $42.00

THE WALBURN & RIKER CO. Catalog reprint of buggies, harness, etc. Soft cover ..... 56 pages $21.00

WHEELS, WHEELS, WAGONS & MORE by Melvin Dewitt. Illustrates the restoration of wheels and buggies. soft cover . 106 pages$25.00

WHEELMAKING complied Carriage Museum of America. Wooden wheel design construction. Soft cover.....245 pages $37.50

THE WHEELWRIGHT Trade by John Thompson soft cover 70 pages $26.75

JOHN DEERE BUGGIES & WAGONS by Ralph Hughes. History and information on the vehicles built- for & by John Deere. soft cover . 64 pages $23.00

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